November 2011 - 3rd International Workshop Fundamentalism : from discrimination to recognition

An interdisciplinary meeting of legal scholars, criminologists and psychologists to analysa relationships between religious groups and of regulation mechanisms of these relations. Several concepts as for example discrimination, prejudice, meta-stereotypes, tolerance, pulralism, acceptance, multiculturalism and altruism will be discussed according to several theoretical backgrounds implied in the multidisciplinary ARC project.

Workshop 2011

Information on the dedicated website of this collective research (ARC Grant) :


Workshop 2010

Workshop de juin 2010 : Les Professeurs Ian Leigh de Durham Universitity et Jeroen Temperman de Rotterdam University entourés des Prof. Louis-Léon Christians et Vassilis Saroglou, ainsi que de Sophie Minette, chercheuse à la Chaire.

Après être intervenus le 10 juin comme discutants-experts lors de la session interdisciplinaire Religious fundamentalism at the interplay of violence and altruism, notamment aux communications de Vassilis Saroglou (ARC-UCL, Psychology) "Religious prejudice: Is the distinction between condemning the sin but not the sinner empirically confirmed?", de Louis-Léon Christians (ARC-UCL, Chair Law & Religion) "Ideas or persons, choice or circumstances: True or false categories in a legal approach of religious prejudice et de Sophie Minette (ARC-UCL, Chair Law & Religion) "Bible Hate Speech: Sacred texts as speech immunity?, le prof. Ian Leigh (Durham University, Law) a donné une conférence le 11 juin "Approach of the Court of European Human Rights to religious insult and hatred questions or on the UK’s religious hatred law", ainsi que le prof. Jeroen Temperman (Erasmus Univ.Rotterdam, Law) "Freedom of expression and religious sensitivities in pluralist societies: A human-rights based analysis of religious defamation and religious hate speech"