The Processes of Life

Auteur : Lawrence E. Hunter
Editeur : MIT Press
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Recent research in molecular biology has produced a remarkably detailed understanding of how living things operate. Becoming conversant with the intricacies of molecular biology and its extensive technical vocabulary can be a challenge, though, as introductory materials often seem more like a barrier than an invitation to the study of life. This text offers a concise and accessible introduction to molecular biology, requiring no previous background in science, aimed at students and professionals in fields ranging from engineering to journalism—anyone who wants to get a foothold in this rapidly expanding field. It will be particularly useful for computer scientists exploring computational biology. A reader who has mastered the information in The Processes of Life is ready to move on to more complex material in almost any area of contemporary biology.

The Processes of Life covers the basics in all aspects of molecular biology, from biochemistry and evolution to molecular medicine and biotechnology. After introducing the culture of biology and the diversity of living things throughout history, the book describes evolution; "just enough chemistry"; universal processes of life and the underlying molecular structures; details of how proteins and nucleic acids carry out the processes of life; structures and processes in eukaryotes; the complexities of multicellular organisms; the anatomy and physiology of animals; fundamentals of human disease and its treatment; contemporary biotechnology, including genetic engineering; and bioethics and the implications for society of molecular biology's discoveries.