Summer School 2011 UCL

The 2010/11 summer school of the AFEPA programme was organised in Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium, from July 18 to July 28, 2011.

For the programme of the 2011 summer school of the AFEPA programme, please click here .

July 18, 2011: Session 1: Experiences in policy analysis and advices

The presentations of the opening day of the AFEPA summer school:
1. Daniel Tsegai - Center of Development Research
2. Pierre Bascou - Towards a New EU Agricultural Policy
3. Axel Volkery - Environmental Policy at forty years: what to do when a policy matures?  

July 19-21, 2011: Session 2: Imperfections in Rural Financial Markets in Developing Countries: Theoretical origins, Policy response and Impact evaluation

The syllabus and the readings for the Steve Boucher lecture can be found here: 

Syllabus (please find here also the exact references for the following papers)

(1) Carter Openings and Closings.pdf
(2) Welfare Theorems_Nicholson.pdf
(3) Household Models_Bardhan Udry.pdf
(4) Hoff and Stiglitz_Puzzles and Perspectives.pdf
(5) Carter JDE 88.pdf
(6) Besley Property Rights 95.pdf
(7) Carter_Olinto Getting Institutions Right.pdf
(8) Risk Rationing AJAE.pdf
(9) Microfinance Where Do We Stand.pdf
(10) Besley_Coate_Group Lending.pdf
(11) Morduch Income Smoothing JEP_95-1.pdf
(12) Ray Chapter 15.pdf
(13) Poverty Traps and Index Based Risk_WD_08.pdf
(14) Area Yield Insurance Reconsidered.pdf
(15) Insurance Credit Technology Adoption_GINE JDE.pdf

The following six links contain the lecture notes for the Steve Boucher lecture:

Tuesday Morning
Tuesday Afternoon
Wednesday Morning
Wednesday Afternoon
Thursday Morning
Thursday Afternoon

July 22nd, 2011 Friday: Session 3: Economic Policy Analysis in Practice

Friday Morning: Henrich Brunke Lecture:
1. Pistachio Marketing Order
2. Dairy Free Trade Agreement

Recommended Reading:
1. Pistachio Paper in German Journal of Agricultural Economics
2. Dairy FTA Paper in Australian Journal of Agricultural Economics

Friday Afternoon: Frederic Gaspart Lecture:
Development Economics - The Land of Mystery

July 25nd, 2011 Monday: Session 4: Visit of the European Commission

Presentation 1: Mark Corner - The different roles of the EU Institutions
Presentation 2: Philippe Monfort - The economic aspects of EU regional policy
Presentation 3: Gijs Schilthuis - The future of the Common Agricultural Policy




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