BDIV PhD day, April the 19th

on the 19th of April, the BDIV PhD day will take place in seminar room b.059 (Université catholique de Louvain, Carnoy building, Croix du Sud 4). We would like to heartily invite all BDIV members to listen to series of talks given by the PhD students. For details, please check the attached program and abstracts.

Day Progam

The day program and the abstract book of the PhD day

9h9h15 Welcome coffee
9h159h30 Introduction to the PhD day
9h3011h Long presentations (45 min)

Predicting climate and land-use change related range expansion in the Large Copper, a butterfly of European conservation concernby Youri Martin 

Conditional dispersal in the two-spotted spider mite, Tetranychus urticae: effects of genetic relatedness and population density on dispersal distanceby Ellyn Bitume 

Coffee and tea available in the room – free service

11h11h40 Technical workshop (40 min) by Sébastien Combéfis (INGI)
Introduction to LaTex

11h4012h Short presentations (20 min) Session 1

Butterfly resource-use in intensively and extensively managed meadows: observational and experimental data with Maniola jurtina as a modelby Julie Lebeau

12h13h Lunch at the Cafetaria - sandwiches

13h14h30 Meet the expert by Pierre Legendre
Seminar on multivariate analysis: "What are the important spatial scales in an ecosystem ?"

14h3015h30 Short presentations (20 min) Session 2

Insects-endosymbionts relationships: mechanisms and phenotypes associated with the secondary endosymbiont Serratia symbiotica in several aphid speciesby François Renoz

Impact of parasitoids on wing development in different clones of Aphis fabae: implication of alarm and sexual pheromonesby Jennifer Pirotte

Systematics, phylogeny and biogeography of ant-eating spiders (Zodariidae) with special reference to forest dwelling Afrotropical taxaby Arnaud Henrard

14h5015h Coffee/tea break

15h3016h30 Short presentations (20 min)Session 3

Geographic variation of olfactory communication in butterflies: the male sex pheromones in the Bicyclus genus by Paul Bacquet
The influence of phenotypic plasticity in the evolution of life history traits in Tetrahymena thermophilaby Virginie Thuillier
Swimming with protists: from individual movement behaviour to population spreadby Frank Pennekamp

Coffee and tea available in the room – free service

16h4017h30 Workshop (40 min) by Walid Sadok
The next steps in your career. What is the path?


17h30 Award for the best presentation and conclusions