CLIL Symposium les 15 et 16 mai prochains

It is our pleasure to invite you to the International Symposium on ‘Content and Language Integrated Learning’.
The symposium has been designed as a forum for academic dialogue on the state of the art of CLIL research findings, whether theoretical or empirical, and on future research needs.
On the basis of different national - reviews of CLIL research findings and on the basis of workshops where CLIL-teachers will put forward their experience and points of view, the symposium aims to discuss the theoretical and descriptive CLIL research agenda for the future.

The national reports will be presented by prof. dr. Ludo Beheydt (UCLouvain, Belgium), prof. dr. Lies Sercu (KU Leuven), prof. dr. Christiane Dalton-Puffer (Austria), dra. Barbora Benesova (the Czech Republic),prof. dr. Roy Lyster (French-speaking and English-speaking Canada) and prof. dr. Rick de Graaff (University Utrecht).

The symposium is dedicated to academics and university lecturers, representatives of central and local educational authorities, teacher educators, pedagogical advisors and school teachers. The event is a great occasion for meeting experts in CLIL working in a varied set of areas.

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