IETF 97 Hackathon

MPTCP Hackathoniers won the best overall award. On November 12 & 13, 2016, the IETF organised their annual hackathon in Seoul. On the same time at the EPL, a team of 25 students took on the challenge !

Students Team - Louvain-la-Neuve

During those two days, The IETFers team in Seoul and the UCL students team worked to contribute at the enhance of the socket API for Multipath TCP. This API, already improved by Benjamin Hesmans , has the potential of enabling new use cases for Multipath TCP by allowing application developpers to control the establishment and the utilisation of the Multipath TCP subflows.

The organizers of the IETF 97 highlighted the participation of these two teams for their Open Souce contribution and issued them the best overall award for their effort.

Congratulation to all participants !


IETFers team - Séoul

More information :

Multipath TCP projects during the IETF97 Hackathon

MPTCP Hackathon presentation, by Fabien Duchêne also on Youtube - timestamps 1:03:10 MPTCP  and 1:47:44 awards chapter.