Corpora and Language in use

ISSN: 2034-6417

Corpora and Language in Use is a new series aiming at publishing research monographs and conference proceedings in the area of corpus linguistics and language in use. Both qualitative and quantitative studies investigating the way people use language in speech and writing are welcome.

The main focus should lie on corpus data, but research that compares corpus data to other kinds of empirical data, such as experimental or questionnaire data are also of interest, as well as studies focusing on the design and use of new methods and tools for processing language texts.

All areas of linguistics are considered: lexicology, phraseology, grammar, discourse, language change and variation studies.
The series also welcomes volumes that show the relevance of corpus analysis to application fields such as lexicography, language learning and teaching and natural language processing.

General Editors
Liesbeth Degand & Sylviane Granger, Université catholique de Louvain (UCL)


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