Fastrez J.



Prof. Jacques Fastrez is one of the group leaders of the research on enzyme engineering and accelerated evolution in the Biochemistry Unit. Master's Degree in chemistry and Ph.D. in biochemistry at UCL (1968). Postdoctoral training at Cornell University (USA, Prof. G.P. Hess) and MRC-Cambridge (UK, Prof Alan Fersht), Research associate at FNRS (1970-1990), Professor at UCL (1990-2007), and invited Professor at UCL since 2007.

Fields of expertise: 

  • Enzymology and protein biochemistry (lysozymes, beta-lactamases, DD-peptidases, proteases)
  • Phage display 
  • Physical organic chemistry


Unité de biochimie   

Bt. Carnoy (c.459)
4-5 Place Croix du Sud (Bioc)
B-1348 Louvain-la-Neuve-Belgium



Email :
Tel. +32 10 47 27 25
Fax. +32 10 47 28 20

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