Exam schedules

Watch Out ! Check regularly  the timetable, modifications may occur !  

Examination timetable clash annouced in due time will be dealt with by the Student Office.

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 You can search either by study year, course code or by course title

Concerning the courses that are not of the responsibility of the Department of Economics, i.e. those that are not listed, please consult the Department or Faculty secretariat that runs the course (BAC, Droit, IAG/LSM, SOC, STAT, ....).  Think to consult their website. 

Concerning the courses programmed by the ESL that are not listed in the timetable, contact as soon as possible  the secretariat in charge of this course (UCL or University of Namur) 

For the ECGE Courses (Course of ESPO of the 1st cycle), consult the page http://www.uclouvain.be/354956.html

Good Luck !


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