Cultural Diversity versus Economic Solidarity

Other things being equal, the more cultural diversity, the worse the prospects for economic solidarity. Is this really true ? If it is, what can be done to soften tension? And if a tension remains, should solidarity give way to diversity, or should diversity be sacrificed to solidarity?

On the 28th of February and 1st of March 2003, over a hundred scholars from several disciplines and many countries gathered in Brussels to discuss intensively these increasingly explosive issues. Some of the world's most respected specialists in the fields concerned prepared papers that were precirculated, briefly presented by their authors, and discussed by pre-appointed commentators, discussion launchers and a lively audience.

An edited version of these contributions was published in September 2004 in the Francqui Scientific Library (Brussels: De Boeck Université). The publisher and the Foundation have kindly agreed to make the contents of the whole volume available online free of charge. When citing any of the chapters, please quote the full reference: Cultural Diversity versus Economic Solidarity. Proceedings of the Seventh Francqui Colloquium (P. Van Parijs ed.), Brussels: De Boeck, 2004.

The volume can be downloaded as a whole:
Cultural Diversity versus Economic Solidarity  
or chapter by chapter:

Foreword Philippe Van Parijs
Opening address Mark Eyskens
CHAPTER 1 Social justice in multicultural societies, David Miller, Stuart N. Soroka, Richard Johnston and Keith Banting
, Stuart N. Soroka, Richard Johnston and Keith Banting
CHAPTER 3 Comments on Miller and Soroka, Johnston & Banting , Anne Phillips
CHAPTER 4 Questions for Miller and Soroka, Johnston & Banting , Andreas Follesdal
CHAPTER 5 Solidarity in heterogeneous communities , Eliana La Ferrara
CHAPTER 6 The Co-evolution of love and hate , Samuel Bowles and Jung-Kyoo Choi
CHAPTER 7 Questions for La Ferrara and Bowles & Choi , Ingrid Robeyns
CHAPTER 8 Institutional design, cultural diversity and economic solidarity: A comparison of South Africa, Brazil and Nigeria , Jeremy Seekings
CHAPTER 9 Class and nation , Yael Tamir
CHAPTER 10 Comments on Seekings and Tamir , Fábio D. Waltenberg
CHAPTER 11 Questions for Seekings and Tamir , Serena Olsaretti
CHAPTER 12 Language Policy and Civil War , David D. Laitin
CHAPTER 13 On the costs of cultural diversity , François Grin
CHAPTER 14 Comments on Laitin and Grin , Jean Laponce
CHAPTER 15 Questions for Laitin and Grin , Rob Reich
CHAPTER 16 Linguistic pluralism as a serious challenge to democratic life , Dominique Schnapper
CHAPTER 17 Do multiculturalism policies erode the welfare state?, Keith Banting and Will Kymlicka
CHAPTER 18 Comments on Schnapper and Banting & Kymlicka , Justine Lacroix
CHAPTER 19 Questions for Schnapper and Banting & Kymlicka , Neus Torbisco Casals
CHAPTER 20 Between Mill and Hallstein. Cultural diversity as a challenge to European integration , Peter A. Kraus
CHAPTER 21 Cultural diversity, European integration and the welfare state , Ugo Pagano
CHAPTER 22 Comments on Kraus and Pagano , Patrick Savidan
CHAPTER 23 Questions for Kraus and Pagano , Dario Castiglione
CHAPTER 24 Concluding Reflections , Will Kymlicka
CHAPTER 25 What did we learn? , Brian Barry
CHAPTER 26 Cultural diversity against economic solidarity ? ,Philippe Van Parijs

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