Admission procedure for degree students


Admission procedure 2017-2018

The following students must absolutely follow the online application procedure

    1. All students holding a non-Belgian diploma (Belgians students included)
    2. All students from outside the European Union (even if they hold a Belgian diploma) when registering for the first time and for a reorientation of studies at UCL.

Other cases:  see our Webpage "Register at UCL” 

Special admission conditions to the bachelor programmes:

Students from outside the EU and who are not assimilated to Belgian students must fulfill the special admission conditions to be admitted to a bachelor programme. These 3 conditions are:
- to be less than 25 years old
- to  not possess a first cycle diploma (for example, a bachelor)
For a non european secondary school diploma, to have obtained an average mark of at least 13/20  or, if not, to have completed one year of studies in Belgium (for example a preparatory year to the bachelor in engineering).

PLEASE NOTE : Students who want to apply for a bachelor programme in physiotherapy and rehabilitation, in veterinary medicine, in psychology and education, speech and language therapy, in medicine or in dental sciences must follow a special enrolment procedure (fr). They don't have to complete an online application form.

 The 7 steps of the procedure

You choose in programme of studies, the programme that you want to apply for and you check if you fill the admission conditions. You check if you can afford the tuition fees.
2. You fill in as precisely as possible one of the two online application forms below.
3. You will receive an email asking you to post us two separate files containing  a number of documents. The first will comprise certified copies of your originals ans the second will simply be a copy of the first file.  A processing fee of 200 Euros will be applied to applications from non-European Union nationals who are not classed as Belgian students. This fee must be paid before you submit your application file, wich must include proof of payment (copy of bank statement, debit advice, etc.) Il your application is successful, the sum of 200 euroq wil be deducted from your tuition fees.
Please be aware that the processing fee will not be returned if your application in unsuccessful. If you have submitted two applications for separate programmes, and both are succesful, the fee you paid relating to the offer you do not accept will be neither reimbursed not deducted from your tuition fees.
Both files must be posted in the same envelope to the address given in the email that is sent to you at the end of the online application process. The documents must be sent us by no later than the deadline stated in the PDF accompanying the online application. The postmark will serve as proof of the date of postage.
4. You collect the documents and you send them, within the month, by post to the registration office.  (the address is in the email you have received).
5. The registration office sends you an email to confirm that we have received the documents. If necessary, we ask you to complete your dossier.
6. Your request for admission is analysed (this can take several weeks).
7. The person in charge of your dossier announces the decision of the University:
                - If your request is accepted, you will receive by post a document called "Autorisation d'inscription" that you can use, if necessary, to ask for a visa.
                - If your request is not accepted, you receive an email that announces the decision. 

Admission request planning

  • April 30th : latest date to fill in an online application form if you are not a National of the European Union and you are not living in Belgium.
  • August 31th : latest date to fill in an online application form if you are a National of the European Union and you are not living in Belgium.
  • September 15th : latest date to fill in an online application form if you already live in Belgium.
  • Please note: This planning does not apply to the doctoral training. You can indeed apply for doctoral training at any moment during the Academic Year.

1st and 2nd cycle 2017-2018

For students applying for a bachelor, master, advanced master, teacher training program, CAPAES, Certificat universitaire, MSC 9 CE and MSP 9 CE .

--> Online application form 


PLEASE NOTE : Students who want to apply for a bachelor programme in physiotherapy and rehabilitation, in veterinary medicine, in psychology and education, speech and language therapy, in medicine or in dental sciences must follow a special enrolment procedure (fr). They don't have to complete an online application form.


3rd cycle (PhD)

PhD candidates, before applying, please read our webpages "What you need to know before starting a PhD".

--> Online application form for a PhD programme (3rd cycle). Please note: before applying for a PhD, the candidate has to find a thesis supervisor.


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