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Welcome to the web site of the Laboratory of Organic and Medicinal Chemistry, which is part of the Molecules, Solids and Reactivity Research Pole (Institute of Condensed Matter and Nanosciences, Faculty of Science) of the Université catholique de Louvain (Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium)

A little introduction

Although presented as being divided in several subgroups, our various research topics, including the total synthesis of complex natural products, the development of new and efficient methodologies, asymmetric catalysis with and without metals, organometallic chemistry, electroorganic synthesis, the development of novel ecologically respectful transformations and botanochemistry are not really independent from one another. In fact, they closely interact. For instance, various total synthesis very much rely upon the development of new and efficient synthetic methodologies or on application (in key step) of either a new organometallic mediated reaction or an efficient catalytic process.

The synthesis of a variety of biologically active molecules with important pharmacological or agrichemical properties are being currently studied in the ORGA laboratory. We are particularly interested in protein phosphatase inhibitors (Okadaic Acid and Calycullins), antitumor compounds (Spongistatins, Manzamin A), antifungals (Ambruticin, Milbemycin β3, Jerangolid and Amphidinol), non-lactam antibiotics (Pseudomonic Acid and Clerocidin), hormones (Steroids), alkaloids (Reserpine, Strychnine, Terpenes), marine toxins (Polycavernosides A), terpenes (Hinesol) and finally, tumor promoters such as Ingenol.

The challenge provided by the concise synthesis of such molecules stimulates us to develop new synthetic methodologies enabling the construction of several bonds and/or rings in a single step with control of the chiral centers formed in the process.

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