In Louvain-la-Neuve and Brussels, the University has a total of 4,600 lodging possibilities (4,050 rooms and 550 studios and apartments) for students, but it is possible to stay elsewhere in the town or the city, be it through real-estate companies or private owners.

Most of the housing managed by the University and private companies are communal apartments. The student lives in an individual room, but shares with other students the kitchen, the living room and the sanitary installations (shower and toilets). The room is equipped (wash-basin, bed, mattress, chair, table, cupboard and shelf space); The tenants must buy their bedding and cutlery themselves. Communal apartments have six, eight and ten tenants.

Studios generally have one living room, including a kitchen area and a shower. Apartments have up to four rooms.

The procedure in order to obtain a room or appartment will be different depending on the type of international student:

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