Icampus is a tool used by proffessor to communicate with students to inform them about courses description - agenda - announces- documents and links - exercices - teaching pathway - works.

So we ask you to create a user account on ICampus at the start of the new academic year.

1. Go on the Icampus page : http://www.icampus.ucl.ac.be/index.php
2. Create your user account:
• Fill in the form with the e-mail adress you use the most (You will be able to modify it afterwards
• Validate your data
3. to register for a course:
• Click on cliquer "M'inscrire à un cours"
• click on the category « sciences économiques, sociales et politiques »
• click on the  category « Economie »
• click on the pencil on the right of the corrsponging course (in this case InfoECON21 or InfoECON22, etc)
4. This "course" will be automatically added to your list.
5. To reach your courses list afterward, just go on the Icampus page and log in.

| 6/10/2011 |