Marchand-Brynaert J.




Prof. Jacqueline Marchand-Brynaert (PhD in chemistry, Leuven, 1973) is the group leader of 20 researchers dedicated to organic synthesis in the fields of biologically active molecules (medicinal chemistry) and biocompatible devices (biomaterials). Author of 170 articles and reviews, 10 chapters of books, and 6 patents. Promotor/co-promotor of 40 phD thesis. Research associate at FNRS (since 1980) and professor at UCL (since 1993). Extraordinary professor (2005).

Fields of expertise: 

  • Organic synthesis with selectivity control (chemo-,regio-,stereo- and enantio- selectivities); molecules for medical diagnosis and imaging.
  • Design and synthesis of inhibitors of serine (and zinc) proteases.
  • Design and synthesis of ligands (peptides and peptidomimetics) of integrin receptors.
  • Biocompatibilisation of polymer devices by selective surface modification; promotion of cellular adhesion.
  • Construction of biomsensors and protein-arrays,...


Unité de chimie organique et medicinale

Bt. Lavoisier (C.151)
1 Place L. Pasteur
B-1348 Louvain-la-Neuve-Belgium



Email :
Tel. +32 10 47 27 40
Fax. +32 10 47 41 68



The research group of Professor Marchand-Brynaert develops a general expertise in organic chemistry with total synthesis of biologically active molecules, the search of original synthetic strategies and new reagents, and industrial process optimization.

Several programs are related to medicinal chemistry, with the design, synthesis, and biological evaluation of enzymes inhibitors and receptors ligands, the search of novel antioxidants, and the labeling of molecules for therapeutical diagnosis.

Another main interest of the group concerns the controlled surface modification of polymer materials by using organic chemistry conducted at the solid-liquid interface (wet-chemistry). The aim of this program is to achieve the active biocompatibilisation of synthetic plastics. All the programs of the Professor Marchand-Brynaert group place organic chemistry in the center of interdisciplinary researches.

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