CESAM - Center for Studies in Asset Management


The Center for Studies in Asset Management is an inter-university platform that brings together faculty members and affiliates in finance of the Louvain School of Management (LSM). The Center aims at enhancing the national and international visibility of the research activities of its members as well as of the School in general.

The general theme is the theory and practice of “Asset Management”. This includes portfolio management of financial as well as real assets. In line with recent trends in financial services, it includes assets such as traditional financial assets (debt and equity), real estate, private equity, pension assets and foreign exchange reserves. The Center aims at analyzing management of investment funds, assets of institutional investors, central bank reserves and various government assets. Further important research topics are market microstructure, mergers and acquisitions transactions and insider trading. This Center therefore covers research topics on asset management pertaining to asset pricing, volatility and investment, audit and controlling, risk management, corporate finance, international finance and mathematical finance.

Next to their research and teaching activities, members maintain strong links to practitioners and professional associations.

Isabelle Platten
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| 14/10/2011 |
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