Conference - 20 years

Conference on "Quantitative methods in
statistics, biostatistics and actuarial sciences"

Wednesday, May 30 - Friday, June 01, 2012

Purpose of the conference

On the occasion of its twentieth anniversary the ISBA organizes a conference covering the three main fields of research represented in the institute: there will be invited speakers sessions on Actuarial sciences, Mathematical statistics and Biostatistics. A poster session will complete the program.  

We are pleased to announce that the degree of Doctor honoris causa will be conferred to Professor Raymond J. Carroll, Texas A&M University, and Professor Paul Embrechts, ETH Zürich.

Preconference short course

We invite you to a short course on "Empirical process theory for statistics" which Professor Jon A. Wellner, University of Washington, has kindly accepted to give on Tuesday, May 29, 2012, 14:00 - 17:15 and on Wednesday, May 30, 2012, 09:00-12:15. The short course will  be held in "Auditoire Socrate -242"  Place du Cardinal Mercier, 10. (Registration is free but compulsory.)


Doctor honoris causa ceremony

Professor Bruno Delvaux, Rector of the Université catholique de Louvain,
Professor Jan Govaerts, Dean of the Faculty of Sciences,
Professor Rainer von Sachs, President of IMMAQ,

will be honoured to welcome you to the ceremony for awarding the title of
Doctor honoris causa to Professor Raymond J. Carroll, Texas A&M University, and Professor Paul Embrechts, ETH Zürich.


14:00  Lecture by Professor Raymond J. Carroll 
          "What Percentage of Children in the U.S. are Eating a Healthy Diet? A Statistical Approach"
15:00  Lecture by Professor Paul Embrechts
          "Risk, Regulation and Statistics"


Academic Session:

16:30  Opening of the Doctor honoris causa ceremony
16:50  Laudatio by Ingrid Van Keilegom
17:00  Conferment of the honorary doctorate to Raymond J. Carroll
17:10  Speech by Raymond J. Carroll
17:25  Laudatio by Pierre Devolder
17:35  Conferment of the honorary doctorate to Paul Embrechts
17:45  Speech by Paul Embrechts
18:00  Reception

The ceremony will be held on  Thursday, May, 31 2012 in the «Auditoire Socrate 11», Place du Cardinal Mercier, 10. (Registration is free but compulsory.)

Conference  schedule

The following speakers have kindly accepted our invitation:

Wednesday 05/30/2012 session on "Actuarial and Financial Risks"

13:30 Welcome coffee  
13:50 Opening         
14:00 Louis Eeckhoudt (CORE and FUCAM, Louvain-la-Neuve)
         "From risk aversion to other risk attitudes"
14:45 Philippe Artzner (Université de Strasbourg)
         "Multiperiod risk measurement : problems, examples, comments"
15:30 Poster session and coffee break    
16:30 Oliver Linton (University of Cambridge)
         "Estimation of risk measures under heavy tails"
17:15 Roger Laeven (Tilburg University)
         "Risk management. When financial institutions can get in trouble together"
18:00 End of session

Thursday 05/31/2012 session on "Mathematical statistics"

08h30 Welcome coffee
08:50 Opening
09:00 Eckhard Liebscher (Hochschule Merseburg)
         "Approximation of distributions using Anderson-Darling and Cramér-von
          Mises statistics"
09:45 Jon A. Wellner (University of Washington)
         "Log-concavity - and why it matters"
10:30 Coffee break
11:00 Alois Kneip (Universität Bonn)
         "Boundary estimation in the presence of measurement error with
          unknown variance"
11:45 Valentin Patilea (CREST - Ensai, Rennes)
         "Projection-based nonparametric goodness-of-fit testing with functional data"
12:30 End of session

Poster session and lunch  12:30 - 14:00

Thursday 05/31/2012 ceremony Doctor honoris causa and reception.

14:00 Lecture by Raymond J. Carroll
15:00 Lecture by Paul Embrechts
16:00 Coffee break
16:30 Doctor honoris causa ceremony
18:00 Reception

Dinner 19:30

Friday 06/01/2012 session on "Biostatistics"

08:30 Welcome coffee
08:50 Opening
09:00 Paul Janssen (Universiteit Hasselt)
         "Goodness-of-fit tests for the frailty distribution in proportional hazards 
          models with shared frailty"
09:45 Virginie Rondeau (Université Victor Segalen, Bordeaux)
         "Cure frailty models for survival data: Application to recurrences for
          breast cancer and to hospital readmissions for colorectal cancer"
10:30 Poster session and coffee break 
11:30 Paul Eilers (Erasmus Universiteit MC, Rotterdam)
         "The beauty of tensor-product P-splines"
12:15 Wenceslao González-Manteiga (Universidad de Santiago de Compostela)
         "Extending induced ROC methodology to the functional context"
13:00 End of session

Lunch  13:00 - 14:30

The conference will be held in the «Auditoire Socrate 11», Place du Cardinal Mercier, 10


Poster sessions

For best interaction conditions with the audience and the invited speakers of our conference, the poster presentations will take place during the lunch or coffee breaks of the respective sessions :
- "Actuarial and Financial Risks": Wednesday, 15:30
- "Mathematical statistics": Thursday, 12:30
- "Biostatistics": Friday, 10:30

The submission period for posters is now closed. Thanks for your proposals. 



We thank you in advance for participating in the conference and/or DHC ceremony and kindly ask you to register online. 

For the conference, the regular registration fee is 120 €. There is a reduced fee of 80 € available for master or Ph.D. students (proof required) and SBS/BVS members only.
Your registration will be validated after your payment has been received. After April 30, 2012, the registration fee will increase by 50%.
For the participation at the conference dinner there applies an
additional fee of 60 € per person. 

Practical information and accommodation

- The conference and the Doctor honoris causa ceremony will take place in:
Auditoire Socrate 11 (SOCR 11)
Place du Cardinal Mercier, 10
1348 Louvain-la-Neuve.

- Please find a map of Louvain-la-Neuve here
The lecture hall  SOCR 11 is located in the "building 19" on the map (coordinates D5, use "zoom-in").

- The parking lot "Grand-place" (liable to fees) is right near the "building 19".
- The directions to the workshop from the parking lot will be pointed out by signs.

How to get to Louvain-la-Neuve ?

If you want to stay in Louvain-la-Neuve overnight:

  1. Hotel Mercure. Booking has to be done as soon as possible!
    Boulevard de Lauzelle 61
    1348 Louvain-la-Neuve
    Tel: (+32)10/450751

  2. Hotel Leonardo (more difficult public transportation to LLN)
    Rue de la Wastinne 45
    B-1301 Wavre
    Tel: (+32)10/411363

  3. At Home Hotel (more difficult public transportation to LLN)
    Place Bosch 33
    B-1300 Wavre
    Tel: (+32)10/228383

  4. Hotels in Brussels (30km/45' by train)

Contact and information

Mrs Tatiana Regout
Voie du Roman Pays 20
B-1348 Louvain-la-Neuve
Email : Tatiana Regout
Phone : (+32)10/47.94.07
Fax : (+32)10/47.30.32

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