Alcatel-Lucent Bell Scientific Award 2012

Quitin 2012
The Alcatel-Lucent Bell Scientific Award 2012 was granted to Francois Quitin (FRS-FNRS Research Scholar) for his doctoral thesis entitled "Channel Modeling for Polarized MIMO Systems". Francois received his PhD degree jointly from by UCL and ULB in 2011, where his work was supervized by Claude Oestges (UCL-ICTEAM) and Philippe De Doncker (ULB-OPERA).
The prize, of a value of 8000 EUR, was awarded during the Bell Labs Open Days on Nov 8, 2012. Francois Quitin is currently a postdoctoral fellow at the Wireless Communications and Sensornets Lab at the University of California, Santa Barbara (CA, USA).
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