Academic calendar


The academic school year covers two semesters, called "quadrimestres":

  • Classes during the first semester of 2015-2016 will be given from September 14 until December 18, 2015; exams are held during the first three weeks of January 2016.
  • Classes during the second semester are from February 1st until May 14, 2016, with two weeks for Easter vacation; exams are held during the month of June 2016.

During the third exam session, held between August 16 and September 3, 2016, the student can re-sit exams for those subjects for which he or she has not yet obtained a satisfactory result or for which he or she has not yet taken the exam. Each exam however can only be taken twice during the same academic year.

Exchange students are strongly advised to attend courses from the very beginning of the semester, in order to increase their chances of passing their exams at UCL.


For a more detailled information, you may consult the academic calendar

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