Procedure : 



Step 1 - Choice of the thesis topic 


The procedure differs according to the program you are regsitered in


ECON 21 MA Students of this program choose their thesis topic in the second year. 


  • Students registered in the 1st year of the "Master spécialisé" - ECON 21 MS/G

On-line Consultation of the Thesis Topics (Instruction to access to the thesis application)

In December, the professor teaching in the various master programs of the ESL suggest a list of thesis topics.

This list is available on the website of the ESL. Once available, the students consult the topics and get in touch with the concerned professor and in order to receive more information on the suggested topics. If none of the suggested topics interest the student, (s)he can suggest a personal project to a professor working in the appropriate field. If the professor accepts to supervise the thesis, the student can add this personal topic to his selection (see next point).

Selection of 3 Thesis Topics

Each student after the consultation of the list and after having met the professor chooses through the online procedure the three topics that are closer to his/her preferences, listing them in order of preference. Please meet the professor before starting with the online procedure. 


  • Students registered in the  2nd year of the Research Master – ECON 22 MA, in 2nd year of the "Master Spécialisé" (in one year) – ECON 22 MS/G (PAR)  and students of the Master 60 in Economics - ECON 2M1  

At the start of the new academic year, students get in touch with the teachers with who they want to work to define a thesis topic of their ineterest. Once the topic defined, the student fill in the form “Requête mémoire” (available at the secretariat of the ESL or on the ESL website) and has it signed by his potential director.

If in December, you still haven’t found your thesis topic, a list of suggested topics will be available at the secretariat.


Step 2 - Attribution of the Topics

The attribution committee is responsible for choosing the attributions of the topic and of the Supervisor for the thesis. The attribution committee publishes the list of the attributions. From this point it is strongly advised to the students to start their research work (bibliography, table of content, etc). 

Step 3 - Writing 

=> Use this flyleaf

Accordinfg to the "sustainable growth" policy, here are some criteria which mus be fulfilled in the presentation of your thesis :

  1. It should be printed on both sides of the pages
  2. Avoid any plastic cover
  3. It should not exceed the authorized number of pages
  4. Appendixes only in electronic version
  5. It should be printed on recycled paper



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