Chaire Hoover d'éthique économique et sociale

Created in 1991, the Hoover Chair of economic and social ethics aims to stimulate ethical reflection in the research and teaching of the Faculty of economic, social and political sciences of the Université Catholique de Louvain;  and to contribute to a clear and well informed public debate about the ethical issues that arise in our society in the various areas covered by the Faculty's disciplines.

These objectives are pursued through the organisation of debates, seminars, conferences and a special programme in economic and social ethics; through hosting foreign scholars and through participating in countless initiatives organised by other institutions, both in Belgium and abroad.  The Chair's activities are organized in English or in French. They are announced on its agenda and in its Hoover-Info newsletter, available on request.

These various activities are carried further and backed up by many publications, in the form of books, scholarly articles, interventions in the media or working papers. Many of these publications are downloadable from the Publications page and from the personal pages of the members of the Hoover Chair. Hundreds of texts, long or brief, technical or casual, are thus made available free of charge. We are hoping that we can thereby help feed honest, lucid and rigorous interdisciplinary thinking on the ethical dimension of many of the problems our societies are facing.

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poste vacant
The successful candidate will carry out research in the field of economic and social ethics, i.e. political philosophy understood as a normative discipline concerned with all aspects of social institutions and social life, with special emphasis on the economic dimension.
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Qui seront nos futurs DHC? L'année académique 2015-16 sera pour l'UCL une "Année Louvain des utopies pour le temps présent". La fête de l’Université du 2 février 2016, y compris le choix des personnes qui recevront les insignes de docteur honoris causa de l'Université, s'inscrira dans ce cadre.
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Rebel Initiative
The two lead pieces for our 4th public event (University Foundation, 16 December, 2-6pm) can now be downloaded from our website: 
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| 25/07/2007 |
Juan Luis Vivès
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Philippe VAN PARIJS, propos recueillis par Guy Duplat, La Libre Belgique , 3 octobre 2015, pp. 58-59.
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Pierre-Etienne VANDAMME, La Libre Entreprise, 3 octobre 2015, p.9.
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La Libre Belgique , 1/10/15, p. 53
Olivier Malay, UCL
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Charles-Henri NYNS et Philippe VAN PARIJS, propos recueillis par Xavière Lucas, UCL Mag 5 , juillet 2015, 20-21.
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