Jacquemin Chair on European Economy


History and Missions

The «Jacquemin Chair on European Economy» has been created to honor Professor Alexis Jacquemin, who sadly passed away in 2004.
The Chair, sponsored by Professor Jacquemin’s family, friends and colleagues, aims to promote teaching and research on European issues. Sponsors from the private sector such as PETERCAM also support the chair financially. Sponsoring is managed by the Fondation Louvain ().
Its current holder is Professor Hylke Vandenbussche, who specializes in the micro-economic evaluation of European wide policies on firm-level behavior.  

There are many levels at which the analysis of European micro-economic policies can be approached: 

  • From an empirical and theoretical perspective;
  • From a regulation and political stakes perspective;
  • From a policy implications perspective   

The Chair on European Economy has been launched on October 2005 for more information or to keep informed about future activities organized by the Chair please contact  

The Jacquemin Chair organizes
     1) Teaching
     2) Research
     3) Seminars and Conferences  


Chair Holder

Professor Hylke Vandenbussche is Alexis Jacquemin Chair holder in the Economics department of UCL since October 2005.

Hylke Vandenbussche's main research area is the impact of trade and tax policies on firm level behavior in terms of productivity, markups, exports and location choices.

Using large micro-level databases, Hylke Vandenbussche's work provides economic analysis on policy changes using innovative empirical techniques embedded in theory models to guide the empirics, with a particular focus on the European dimension.

Hylke Vandenbussche closely collaborates with the following research centers:

Research grants:   

  • ARC project (UCL, 2009-2012) “Geographical Mobility of Firms and Workers” together with Frederic Docquier, Bruno Van der Linden, Jacques Thisse and Henry Sneessens 
  •  FSR project (UCL, 2009-2010),”Trade and Technology Adoption”  
  • Centre of Excellence, LICOS, (KULeuven 2005-2010): “The role of China in the World Economy” with Jo Swinnen, Patrick Van Cayseele and Jozef Konings  
  • National Bank of Belgium (2009-10): “Multiple Product firms and optimum Product Scope” co-ordinated by Catherine Fuss, Emanuel Dhyne and Luc Dresse from the Bank  

Annual Chaire Jacquemin Award at ETSG :  

Each year the Chaire Jacquemin awards a prize of € 1000 to the best paper on a topic related to the Chaire’s research theme amongst the papers submitted to the annual European Trade Study Group Conference. Below is an overview of past winners:  

  • ETSG Chaire Jacquemin Award 2008
  • ETSG, Chaire Jacquemin Award 2009

Other People involved in the Chair’s activities

Secretary: ; Tel : +32 010 47 39 76 

Ph.D students

Francesco Di Comite 

Emanuele Forlani 

Arastou Khatibi 

Laura Rovegno 

Aminata Sissokko 

Christian Viegelahn

Ziga Zarnic 

Linke Zhu 


Karen Crabbé, postdoctoral researcher, KULeuven

Florian Mayneris, Postdoctoral researcher CORE, 2009-2011 

Ilke Van Beveren, postdoctoral researcher Department of Economics UCL 2008-09


Fondation Louvain


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