Questions spéciales d'immunologie, d'immunohématologie et de transfusion [ WBICL2101 ]

4.0 crédits ECTS  45.0 h  

Teacher(s) Latinne Dominique (coordinator) ; Saussoy Pascale ; Deneys Véronique ;
of the course
Bruxelles Woluwe
Main themes Teached topics are : role of immune system in mechanism, prevention and treatment of rejection in organ and hematopoïetic stem cell or in recurrent idiopathic miscarriages ; blood transfusion: advantages, disadvantages, limitations ; application of new technologies to define blood groups, to characterize malignant hematologic diseases (flow cytometry, molecular biology…)
Aims The students will revise their knowledge and go thoroughly into multiple developing topics in hematology and immunology and acquire a critical approach with scientific papers in the field.
Content Theoretical education with interactive discussion, questions and answers between students and teachers. Support is Powerpoint slides transmitted to the students.
Other information Evaluation of knowledge is done through a presentation by the student of a scientific paper (20 minutes) selected among a list given by the course coordinator with critical discussion thereafter with the teachers.
Cycle et année
> Première année de master complémentaire en biologie clinique
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in charge

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