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Welcome to the website of the Institute of Information and Communication Technologies, Electronics and Applied Mathematics (ICTEAM) at Université catholique de Louvain. The Institute is currently home for more than 40 professors and more than 200 researchers. These researchers carry out both basic and applied research in key fields of information and communication technologies, electronics, computer science and applied mathematics. Our success stories and publications show the breadth and the depth of our research.

Luc Vandendorpe
Head of Institute

Recent publications

Journal Articles

1. Barenghi, Alessandro; Hocquet, Cédric; Bol, David; Standaert, François-Xavier; Regazzoni, Francesco; Koren, Tsrael. A Combined Design-Time/Test-Time Study of the Vulnerability of Sub-Threshold Devices to Low Voltage Fault Attacks. In: IEEE Transactions on Emerging Topics in Computing, Vol. 2, no.2, p. 107-118 (2014). doi:10.1109/TETC.2014.2316509.

Recent publications

Conference Papers

1. Lombardi, Michèle; Schaus, Pierre. Cost impact guided LNS. International Conference on Integration of AI and OR Techniques in Constraint Programming for Combinatorial Optimization Problems (Cork, Ireland, du 19/05/2014 au 23/05/2014).

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Average population density in France, according to MP datasets (C. Linard)
Using datasets of more than 1 billion mobile phone call records, a team of researchers including Pierre Deville (ICTEAM) produced the first dynamic population mapping at national scales.
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Laurent Francis
Laurent Francis, Sylvain Druart and Denis Flandre received the Best Paper Award for their paper entitled "A Self-Oscillating System to Characterize Liquid Salinities within a Single Triangular Waveform Signal" that was presented at the 20th IMEKO TC4 International Symposium and 18th International Workshop on ADC Modelling and Testing - Research on Electric and Electronic Measurement for the Economic Upturn. This symposium took place in Benevento, Italy (Sept. 15-17, 2014).
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M. Taquet
This international recognition was awarded for Maxime Taquet's paper entitled "A Fully Bayesian Inference Framework for Population Studies of the Brain Microstructure” proposing an alternative to the conventional significance testing in conducting clinical studies of the brain microstructure.
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The paper "Control of a Multi-Stage Continuous Fermentor for the study of the wine fermentation" by C. Casenave, D. Dochain, J. Harmand, M. Perez, A. Rapaport, J-M Sablayrolles received the IFAC Congress Application Paper Prize at the XIXth IFAC World Congress that took place in August 2014 in Cape Town, South Africa.
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S. Melinte
Scanning tunneling microscopy and spectroscopy methodologies, developed by Dr. Sorin Melinte (UCL/ICTEAM) and his colleagues at Stanford University, reveal the unique properties of the first all-hydrocarbon molecular rectifier.
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N. Gillis
Nicolas Gillis received the Alston Householder award for his thesis on "Nonnegative matrix factorization : complexity, algorithms and applications" defended in February 2011 at UCL. Congratulations to him and his thesis supervisor, François Glineur
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Thesis defenses
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