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Welcome to the website of the Institute of Information and Communication Technologies, Electronics and Applied Mathematics (ICTEAM) at Université catholique de Louvain. The Institute is currently home for more than 40 professors and more than 200 researchers. These researchers carry out both basic and applied research in key fields of information and communication technologies, electronics, computer science and applied mathematics. Our publications show the breadth and the depth of our research.

Luc Vandendorpe
Head of Institute

Recent publications

Journal Articles

1. Tran, M.-P.; Thomassin, J.-M.; Alexandre, M.; Jerome, C.; Huynen, Isabelle; Detrembleur, C. Nanocomposite foams of polypropylene and carbon nanotubes: Preparation, characterization, and evaluation of their performance as EMI absorbers. In: Macromolecular Chemistry and Physics, Vol. 216, no.12, p. 1302-1312 (2015).

Recent publications

Conference Papers

1. Maudoux, Guillaume; Combéfis, Sébastien; Pecheur, Charles. Tasks Decomposition of System Models for Human-Machine Interaction Analysis. Workshop on Formal Methods in Human Computer Interaction (FoMHCI), in conjunction with ACM SIGCHI Symposium on Enginnering Interactive Computing Systems (EICS) 2015 (Duisburg, Germany, du 23/06/2015 au 23/07/2015).

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N. Boumal
Nicolas Boumal won the ICTEAM Best Thesis Award 2015 for this thesis entitled "Optimization and estimation on manifolds". His thesis supervisors are profs. Pierre-Antoine Absil and Vincent Blondel.
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The NEWCOM# Best Paper Award 2014 was granted to A. Mallat (ICTEAM), S. Gezici (Bilkent, Turkey), D. Dardari (Bologna) and L. Vandendorpe (ICTEAM) for their paper "Statistics of the MLE and Approximate Upper and Lower Bounds-Part 2: Threshold Computation and Optimal Pulse Design for TOA Estimation" published in IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing.
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Matthew Philippe
Matthew Philippe was finalist of the Best Student Paper Award at the joint ACM/IEEE conference HSCC 2015: Hybrid Systems, Computation and Control (Seattle) for the paper entitled "A sufficient condition for the boundedness of matrix products accepted by an automaton" whose authors are Matthew Philippe and Raphaël Jungers.
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Thesis defenses
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