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Welcome to the website of the Institute of Information and Communication Technologies, Electronics and Applied Mathematics (ICTEAM) at Université catholique de Louvain. The Institute is currently home for more than 40 professors and more than 200 researchers. These researchers carry out both basic and applied research in key fields of information and communication technologies, electronics, computer science and applied mathematics. Our publications show the breadth and the depth of our research.

Luc Vandendorpe
Head of Institute

Recent publications

Journal Articles

1. Gimenez, Salvador Pinillos; Galembeck, Egon Henrique Salerno; Renaux, Christian; Flandre, Denis. Diamond layout style impact on SOI MOSFET in high temperature environment. In: Microelectronics Reliability, Vol. MR_11492, p. 6 (13/03/2015). doi:10.1016/j.microrel.2015.02.015.

Recent publications

Conference Papers

1. Dochain, Denis; MacLean, Heather. Identification of simple mass balance models for plant growth - Evolving yields and incorporating developmental stages. MED 2015 (Torremolinos, Spain, June 2015).

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Tessares,  spin‐off  of  the  UCL,  was  founded  in  early  March  2015  by  Prof.  Olivier  Bonaventure,  head  of  the  laboratory in which the research was conducted, Sébastien Barré and Gregory Detal two senior researchers who contributed most to the development of the prototype, Denis Périquet who brings a wealth of industry experience in the telecom world and SOPARTEC, the UCL technology transfer company.
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par Pierre-Jacques Courtois, professeur émérite de l’Université catholique de Louvain, préfacé par Marcel Crochet.
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O. Pereira
STAR-Vote is a new voting system designed by a team of researchers including Olivier Pereira (ICTEAM) and election officials from Travis county in Texas for use in public elections in the US. This system builds on techniques pioneered in the voting system designed for the election of the UCL rector in 2009. STAR-Vote is featured in Discover Magazine, in Le Soir (in French), and discussed in Regional IT, Scientific American, Government Technology, among others.
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Jean-Pierre Raskin
Prof. Thomas Pardoen (IMMC) and Prof. Jean-Pierre Raskin (ICTEAM), in collaboration with ULB and Antwerpen Universiteit, have recently published their scientific results in the prestigious journal Nature Communications.
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| 7/04/2015 |
Thesis defenses
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