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Welcome to the website of the Institute of Information and Communication Technologies, Electronics and Applied Mathematics (ICTEAM) at Université catholique de Louvain. The Institute is currently home for more than 40 professors and more than 200 researchers. These researchers carry out both basic and applied research in key fields of information and communication technologies, electronics, computer science and applied mathematics. Our success stories and publications show the breadth and the depth of our research.

Luc Vandendorpe
Head of Institute

Recent publications

Journal Articles

1. Vermang, Bart; Wätjen, Jörn Timo; Fjällström, Viktor; Rostvall, Fredrik; Edoff, Marika; Kotipalli, Raja Venkata Ratan; Henry, Frederic; Flandre, Denis. Employing Si solar cell technology to increase efficiency of ultra-thin Cu(In,Ga)Se2 solar cells. In: Progress in Photovoltaics : research and applications, , p. 7 (02/07/2014). doi:10.1002/pip.2527.

Recent publications

Conference Papers

1. Lombardi, Michèle; Schaus, Pierre. Cost impact guided LNS. International Conference on Integration of AI and OR Techniques in Constraint Programming for Combinatorial Optimization Problems (Cork, Ireland, du 19/05/2014 au 23/05/2014).

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Guerric de Streel received the Best student IC design award from the IEEE FTFC Conference held in Monaco in May 2014 for his work "A 65nm 1V to 0.5V Linear Regulator with Ultra Low Quiescent Current for Mixed-Signal ULV SoCs" with Julien De Vos, Denis Flandre and David Bol.
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The ICTEAM Thesis Award goes to two winners this year : Olivier Devolder, for his thesis entitled entitled "Exactness, Inexactness and Stochasticity in First-order Methods for Large-scale Convex Optimization" and Julien De Vos, for his thesis "Switched-Capacitor DC/DC Converters in Nanometer CMOS Technologies for Micro-Power Energy Management".
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Christoph Paasch
Multipath TCP is a major extension to the TCP protocol that enables a TCP connection to simultaneously use several network interfaces. With Multipath TCP, a smartphone can use both WiFi and 3G/4G at the same time.
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A team led by Drs. Sorin Melinte (UCL/ICTEAM), Alexandru Vlad (UCL/ICTEAM) and Prof. Jean-François Gohy (UCL/IMCN) has succeeded to provide a technological breakthrough in the energy storage field.
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Nicolas Boumal (UCL, ICTEAM) and Bamdev Mishra (ULg) won the ORBEL Wolsey Award 2014 for their work on Manopt: a Matlab toolbox for optimization on manifolds which they released last year on
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Paradigms of Computer Programming is a new online course offered by UCL in the edX consortium. The course will be taught by Professor Peter Van Roy starting in Feb. 2014. The course covers functional, object-oriented, and declarative dataflow in a unified framework. More than 15,000 students worldwide have already registered for the course by early Jan. 2014
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Thesis defenses

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