Institute of Neuroscience (IoNS)

The aim of our Institute of Neuroscience (IoNS) is to improve our knowledge of our nervous system and neurological illnesses as well as stimulate neuroscience at UCL. By providing a fertile working environment and furthering a judicious use of existing resources, it strives to reach a wide audience, to enhance visibility and to arouse interest in questions that are sometimes so complex they might put young researchers off. IoNS brings together researchers with diverse skills and encourages them to study the nervous system in an integrated way, “from molecule to behaviour”. 

The systemic and cognitive as well as clinical approaches, of a holistic nature, require such skills as functional imaging, electrophysiology in vivo and different functional tests. The cell and molecular approach is more analytic, based on conception and the analyses of simple animal models, and on the study of cellular and tissue culture.

Chairman: Pr Jean-Noël Octave

November 24th,2014 : PhD Students Day,

Scientific présentations and posters meeting together !



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Doctors Honoris Causa, 
October 2d, 2014
Prof. Charles DUYCKAERTS
Prof. Stanislas DEHAENE

The Ceremony 
Behind the Scene : la salle des toges
Let's celebrate ! 
Workers in Shade
Bests of

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Vignette Robot Interactif
Maxime GILLIAUX (PhD Student - IoNS/COSY) will present on Friday, 6th February 2015 a seminar on rehabilitation method using an interactif robot.
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vignette Guoliang decembre 2014
Within the framework of the CEMO seminars, Mrs Guoliang Chai (DENE) is pleased to present on Tuesday December, 9, the seminar entitled "Planar cell polarity genes in motor axon extension in the limb".
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Virginie CROLLEN (post-doctoral fellow, IPSY & IoNS/COSY) will present on Friday, 5th December 2014 a seminar on numerical and spatial representations.


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Photo 5e PhD Student day
The academic year 2014 will be opening with the sixth edition of the PhD student day whose success is growing. It will be held on the 24th November 2014 at the Maisin room.
The program is now available.


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BDC Logo
The Belgian Dementia Council organises the 3rd Dementia-day.
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vignette hidalgo figueroa
Within the framework of the CEMO seminars, Mrs Maria Hidalgo-Figueroa (NEDI) is pleased to present on Tuesday November, 25 the seminar entitled "Vsx1 identifies a novel early V2 interneuron population in the mouse embryonic spinal cord".
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vignette Barbara Bosier
Within the framework of the CEMO seminars, Mrs Barbara Bosier (NFAR) is pleased to present on Tuesday November, 18, the seminar entitled "Regulator of G protein signalling: a target to control pain hypersensitivity?".
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FENS logo
FENS and SfN take position on the importance of non-human primates in biomedical research.
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The Institute of Neuroscience (IoNS) of the University of Louvain (UCL, Belgium) is offering a PhD position to work on a WB Health Région Wallonne funded project entitled “RobiGame”.
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