Louvain Drug Research Institute

The general objective of the Louvain Drug Research Institute (LDRI) is to develop cutting-edge research, fundamental and/or applied research, in the field of drugs. Overall research activities are developed from target identification & validation to clinical practice through hit identification/hit to lead, preclinical evaluation, pharmaceutics, clinical assays and optimization of clinical practice.


 Bridging sciences for better health is the LDRI’s motto. The LDRI is proud of the diversity and wealth of its research despite its relatively small size, and the limited number of senior researchers who are also involved in teaching and institutional activities. The members of the LDRI join their forces to form a multidisciplinary Institute where all major aspects of the drug are covered. The research activities range from the design or identification of a new drug (and the discovery of new targets) to its optimal use through all modern means of evaluation. The approaches use in vitro (membranes and cells) and in vivo pre-clinical models (small animals). Patients-oriented research is focused on the pharmacokinetics/pharmacogenomics and clinical pharmacy.



President : Marie-Paule Mingeot
Vice-Presidents : Patrice Cani, Raphaël Frédérick, Bernard Gallez

Secretariat : Stéphanie Lozes - 32 2 764 73 28

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Fifteen PhD students are starting a thesis at the Institute this year.
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| 29/11/2015 |
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