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1. Frequently Asked Questions :
2. Information provided on this website (see menu to the left section of this page)
3. AFor assistance using your email, please refer to Google’s support page: <>.
4. For username or password related issues, please call the Service Desk.

About Student Email...

UCL students get an email address taking the form of firstname.
To look up fellow students, just use the Students Directory. WWhen typing an address into the To line of a new message, the auto-complete feature will automatically suggest an address. If there are several people at the university sharing the same last name, your email might not be addressed to the right recipient (Rem: as there are more than 30 000 UCL students, the probability to have a namesake is high).

To access your webmail :

The easiest way is to use Google Apps’ webmail client on the web :

You can also access your mailbox from the bureau virtuel, by clicking on “mon email".

Useful information : configuration settings for email clients.



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