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Ruma R. Paul  (UCL, Belgium and KTH, Sweden),  Peter Van Roy (UCL, Belgium) and Vladimir Vlassov (KTH, Sweden)
presented at NEYS 2016,  Marrakech, Morocco, May 18-20, 2016 their scientific paper " Reversible Phase Transitions in a Structured Overlay Network with Churn "
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Stefano Vissicchio
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Olivier Tilmans, Raphaël Bauduin, Stefano Vissicchio and Benjamin Hesmans were selected for the IRTF ANRP 2016 award.
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by Ruben De Visscher and Véronique Delouille (Royal Observatory of Belgium), Pierre Dupont (UCL/ICTEAM), Charles-Alban Deledalle (Université Bordeaux), in Journal of Space Weather and Space Climate, Vol. 5, A34, 2015.
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