Micro and Nano Technologies and Systems

The group forms with the CeRMiN, the UCL Research center for micro- and nano-scopic materials and electronics devices a multidisciplinary team, involving both silicon device physicists, technologists and experimentalists, as well as circuit designers. It gathers about 50 members, out of which 5 professors and more than 36 Ph.D. students and researchers.

Principal Investigators : Denis Flandre, Laurent Francis, Isabelle Huynen, Sorin Melinte, Jean-Pierre Raskin

Research Labs : SOI Group, Sensors, Microsystems and Actuators Laboratory of Louvain (SMALL)

Nano    Nanoparticles   IEEE Sensors Journal

Nanoparticles for smart electronics

This activity covers the characterization up to 110 GHz, of bulk and nanocomposite materials in various states: solids, foams, liquids, powders, gels, films, … The models created using these measurements allow to extend the range of application of nanostructures, and to develop new sensors and signal processing devices. Of current interest are ferromagnetic nanowires for tunable electronics, carbonated nanoparticles (carbon nanotubes, graphene) for intelligent packaging (EMI shielding, ESD protection, photovoltaic), and nanoporous thin film membranes for fuel cell applications.

Molecular opto-electronics and plasmonics

Our current projects aim at understanding the fundamental nanoscience of man-made quantum structures, namely semiconductor nanodevices and hybrid inorganic-organic platforms for molecular opto-electronics and plasmonics. In particular, we use high-resolution nanolithography as well as soft-lithography and bottom-up fabrication techniques to engineer smart nano- and microsystems. Recently, our group started the development of cutting-edge instrumentation in the area of scanning tunneling spectroscopy and near-field experimental setups based on photon detection.

SOI CMOS technology

ICTEAM has been active in Silicon-on-Insulator (SOI) technology since 1986. Silicon-on-Insulator (SOI) has been a major theme of R&D for more than 20 years, leading to significant contributions with regards to e.g. double-gate MOSFETs, nanowires, high-temperature SOI CMOS, microwaves and millimeter-waves SOI MOSFETs and substrate, Ultra-Low-Power smart sensors (including biosensors) in terms of processing, characterization, simulation, modeling and design.


Bulk and surface micromachining sensors for chemical, medical and harsh environments applications. The group members are focused on varied devices design and fabrication of MEMS and NEMS structures co-integrated with SOI CMOS circuits: design and fabrication of NEMS-based lab-on-chip to characterize the electromechanical properties of materials at nanometer scale, nanowires gas sensors, nanoporous silicon membranes, magnetometers, flow, humidity, pressure and inertial sensors, surface acoustic wave device, etc.

Research infrastructure

Winfab is equipped with a complete pilot fabrication line on silicon/SOI substrates of about 1,000 m² for the rapid prototyping and validation of new fabrication steps and of new integrated devices or microsystems.

Electrical measurement set-ups available in Welcome cover a large range of frequencies (from DC up to 110 GHz) and temperatures (from few mK up to 400°C) on wafer-scale as well as packaged circuits levels. Physical (e.g. interface or thin layer properties) and mechanical (adhesion, stress...) characterization are widely available in the CeRMiN environment.

Simulation tools include industry-standard softwares for integrated processes and devices. Device irradiation is available at the nearby cyclotron research centre on a bench qualified by ESA. The wide research results have been honoured by more than 50 invited presentations in international and national conferences, as well as by several awards.

Most recent publications

Below are listed the 10 most recent journal articles and conference papers produced in this research area.
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NANO journal

Journal Articles

1. Couniot, Numa; de Streel, Guerric; Botman, François; Kuti Lusala, Angelo; Flandre, Denis; Bol, David. A 65 nm 0.5 V DPS CMOS Image Sensor With 17 pJ/Frame.Pixel and 42 dB Dynamic Range for Ultra-Low-Power SoCs. In: IEEE Journal of Solid State Circuits, Vol. 50, no.10, p. 12 (10/2015). doi:10.1109/JSSC.2015.2457897 (Accepté/Sous presse). http://hdl.handle.net/2078.1/164957

2. El Hamid, Hamdy Abd; Iniguez, Benjamin; Kilchytska, Valeriya; Flandre, Denis; Ismail, Yehea. An analytical 3D model for short-channel effects in undoped FinFETs. In: Journal of Computational Electronics, Vol. 14, no.2, p. 500-505 (02/2015). doi:10.1007/s10825-015-0678-0. http://hdl.handle.net/2078.1/164954

3. Tran, M.-P.; Thomassin, J.-M.; Alexandre, M.; Jerome, C.; Huynen, Isabelle; Detrembleur, C. Nanocomposite foams of polypropylene and carbon nanotubes: Preparation, characterization, and evaluation of their performance as EMI absorbers. In: Macromolecular Chemistry and Physics, Vol. 216, no.12, p. 1302-1312 (2015). http://hdl.handle.net/2078.1/161633

4. Aqil, Abdelhafid; Vlad, Alexandru; Piedboeuf, Marie-Laure; Aqil, Mohamed; Job, Nathalie; Melinte, Sorin; Detrembleur, Christophe; Jérôme, Christine. A new design of organic radical batteries (ORBs): carbon nanotube buckypaper electrode functionalized by electrografting. In: Chemical Communications, Vol. 51, no.45, p. 9301-9304 (07/06/2015). doi:10.1039/c5cc02420j. http://hdl.handle.net/2078.1/159596

5. Gimenez, Salvador Pinillos; Galembeck, Egon Henrique Salerno; Renaux, Christian; Flandre, Denis. Diamond layout style impact on SOI MOSFET in high temperature environment. In: Microelectronics Reliability, Vol. MR_11492, p. 6 (13/03/2015). doi:10.1016/j.microrel.2015.02.015. http://hdl.handle.net/2078.1/157744

6. Poncelet, Olivier; Tallier, Guillaume; Simonis, Priscilla; Cornet, Alain; Francis, Laurent. Synthesis of bio-inspired multilayer polarizers and their application to anti-counterfeiting. In: Bioinspiration & Biomimetics : learning from nature, Vol. 10, no.2, p. 1-10 (26/02/2015). doi:10.1088/1748-3182/10/2/026004. http://hdl.handle.net/2078.1/157196

7. Makovejev, Sergej; Kazemi Esfeh, Babak; Barral, V.; Planes, N.; Haond, M.; Flandre, Denis; Raskin, Jean-Pierre; Kilchytska, Valeriya. Wide frequency band assessment of 28 nm FDSOI technology platform for analogue and RF applications. In: Solid-State Electronics, , p. 6 (2015). doi:10.1016/j.sse.2014.12.007 (Accepté/Sous presse). http://hdl.handle.net/2078.1/157074

8. Monnereau, Laure; Urbanczyk, Laetitia; Thomassin, Jean-Michel; Pardoen, Thomas; Bailly, Christian; Huynen, Isabelle; Jérôme, Christine; Detrembleur, Christophe. Gradient Foaming of Polycarbonate/carbon nanotube based Nanocomposites with Supercritical Carbon Dioxide and their EMI Shielding Performances. In: Polymer, Vol. 59, p. 117-123 (2015). doi:10.1016/j.polymer.2014.11.063. http://hdl.handle.net/2078.1/154472

9. Couniot, Numa; Bol, David; Poncelet, Olivier; Francis, Laurent; Flandre, Denis. A Capacitance-to-Frequency Converter with On-Chip Passivated Microelectrodes for Bacteria Detection in Saline Buffers up to 575 MHz. In: IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems. Part 2: Express Briefs, Vol. 62, no. 2, p. 159-163 (06/02/2015). doi:10.1109/TCSII.2014.2369111. http://hdl.handle.net/2078.1/152214

10. Kilchytska, Valeriya; Alvarado Pulido, José Joaquin; Collaert, N.; Rooyakers, R.; Militaru, Otilia; Berger, G.; Flandre, Denis. Total-Dose Effects Caused by High-Energy Neutrons and y-Rays in Multiple-Gate FETs. In: IEEE Transactions on Nuclear Science, Vol. 57, no.4, p. 1764-1770 (08/2010). http://hdl.handle.net/2078.1/157249

NANO conf

Conference Papers

1. André, Nicolas; Li, Guoli; Gérard, Pierre; Poncelet, Olivier; Zeng, Y.; Ali, S.Z.; Udrea, F.; Francis, Laurent; Flandre, Denis. Wide Band Study of Silicon-on-Insulator Photodiodes on suspended Micro-hotplates Platforms. 2015 International Conference on IC Design and Technology (ICICDT 2015) (Leuven (Belgique), du 01/06/2015 au 03/06/2015). In: Proceedings of ICICDT 2015, IEEE, 2015, 1-4. doi:10.1109/ICICDT.2015.7165879. http://hdl.handle.net/2078.1/164958

2. Makovejev, Sergej; Planes, N.; Haond, M.; Flandre, Denis; Raskin, Jean-Pierre; Kilchytska, Valeriya. Self-Heating in 28 nm Bulk and FDSOI. 2015 Joint International EUROSOI Workshop and International Conference on Ultimate Integration on Silicon (EUROSOI-ULIS 2015) (Bologne (Italie), du 26/01/2015 au 28/01/2015). In: Proceedings of EUROSOI-ULIS 2015, IEEE, 2015, 978-1-4799-6910-4, 41-44. doi:10.1109/ULIS.2015.7063768. http://hdl.handle.net/2078.1/164955

3. Melinte, Sorin. Hybrid Materials for Li-ion Energy Storage Systems. 2015 International Conference on CMOS Emerging Technologies Research (CMOSETR 2015) (Vancouver (Canada), du 20/05/2015 au 22/05/2015). http://hdl.handle.net/2078.1/161241

4. Kassa, Hailu Gebru; Ye, Ran; Sandu, Georgiana; Melinte, Sorin; Leclere, Philippe. Hybrid Organic/Inorganic Nanostructures for Energy Conversion and Storage Devices on Flexible Substrates. E-MRS Spring Meeting (Lille (France), du 11/05/2015 au 15/05/2015). http://hdl.handle.net/2078.1/161238

5. Kilchytska, Valeriya; Makovejev, Sergej; Raskin, Jean-Pierre; Flandre, Denis. Advantages and Challenges of Advanced MOSFETs for Analog and RF Applications. 2014 CMOS Emerging Technologies Research Symposium (CMOSETR 2014) (Grenoble (France), du 06/07/2014 au 08/07/2014). In: Abstratcs - CMOS Emerging Technologies Research Symposium, 2014, p. 33. http://hdl.handle.net/2078.1/157256

6. Martins d'Oliveira, Ligia; Trevisoli Doria, Rodrigo; Pavanello, Marcelo Antonio; de Souza, Michelly; Flandre, Denis. Analysis of Harmonic Distortion of Asymmetric Self-Cascode Association of SOI nMOSFETs Operating in Saturation. International Caribbean Conference on Devices, Circuits and Systems (ICCDCS) (Playa del Carmen (Mexico), du 02/04/2014 au 04/04/2014). doi:10.1109/ICCDCS.2014.7016161. http://hdl.handle.net/2078.1/157245

7. Assalti, R.; Pavanello, Marcelo Antonio; de Souza, Michelly; Flandre, Denis. Technological Parameters Scaling Influence on the Analog Performance of Graded-Channel SOI nMOSFET Transistors. International Caribbean Conference on Devices, Circuits and Systems (ICCDCS) (Playa del Carmen (Mexico), du 02/04/2014 au 04/04/2014). doi:10.1109/ICCDCS.2014.7016159. http://hdl.handle.net/2078.1/157243

8. Tang, Xiaohui; Reckinger, Nicolas; Mager, Nathalie; Vanhorenbeke, Béatrice; Dutu, Constantin Augustin; Hermans, Sophie; Colomer, Jean-François; Raskin, Jean-Pierre. Investigation of selective formaldehyde detection by graphene sensors. 1st International Conference Functional Integrated nano Systems (NANOFIS 2014) (Graz (Austria), du 03/12/2014 au 05/12/2014). http://hdl.handle.net/2078.1/152933

9. Turnquist, Matthew J.; de Streel, Guerric; Bol, David; Hiienkari, Markus; Koskinen, lauri. Effects of Back-Gate Bias on Switched-Capacitor DC-DC Converters in UTBB FD-SOI. 2014 IEEE SOI-3D Subthreshold Microelectronics Technology Unified Conference (S3S) (San Francisco (USA), du 06/10/2014 au 09/10/2014). http://hdl.handle.net/2078.1/152876

10. Couniot, Numa; Bol, David; Poncelet, Olivier; Francis, Laurent; Flandre, Denis. A very high frequency capacitance-controlled oscillator for improved biosensing in high-salt solutions. Biosensors 2014 (Melbourne (Australie), du 27/05/2014 au 30/05/2014). http://hdl.handle.net/2078.1/147053

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